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How To Start A Blog In 2020 (Step By Step)

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This post for those people who were searching for a Free Blogging Course or how to create a blog for a long time, I have come with this course for all of you today. If you are doing not know about blogging, then by reading this post you’ll get complete information about it.

So if you would like to learn blogging and want to form money from blogging, then this post will assist you lot. Because during this I even have tried to elucidate each and each thing alright . I hope that you will understand these things very well.

In this post you’ll find out how to make Blog Topic, the way to buy Domain, the way to buy Hosting, the way to Setup Blog and also all the knowledge will help you to become a good Blogger.

How to Start a WordPress Blog – 2020

Some people say that in today’s date nobody wants to read Blog. If anyone who wants information about anything, then immediately attend YouTube and see whatever he needs information about on YouTube.

Yes, it’s absolutely true that the people get to understand about it by watching YouTube before knowing about anything. But it’s not that nobody studies a blog, even today many of us learn tons of things from the blog a day . So it’s vital to possess the proper choice of Blog Topic before starting Blog.

Choose The Correct Topic Of The Blog.

Everyone can start a blog, but to rank it, Many people individuals get killed in it, and that Quit working on the blog. Because Many people of were already performing on that topic on which they started their blog.

In such a situation, The new blogger works on the same topic. So it’ll be very difficult to rank his blog post. So which topic do you have to choose, Let’s know about it.

Before starting a blog, you ought to choose your topic, because if you’ve got created your blog on such a subject and you are doing not know much about it, then you will not be ready to write that blog more post because You don’t know much about it. It does not exist.

That is why you ought to choose your blog topic on which you are doing not feel bored in the least while writing.

How to Choose Blog Topic?