How to learn Free Digital Marketing Course?

How to learn Free Digital Marketing Course?

Hello Friends My Name Is Monu And Today In This Post We Will All Know That After Learning How To Learn A Free Digital Marketing Course, You Will Also Get A Free Certificate To Be Verified By Google, So If You Are Looking For A Digital Marketing Work Alternative If You Want To Do It, Then Certificate.

Let Us Know All The Things You Have To Do With This Course And If You Want To Do This Course, You Will Have To Follow The Things To Learn Digital Marketing And Make Money From It.

There Will Be Many People Who Will Know Who Is Called Digital Marketing And What We Learn From The Digital Marketing Course And If We Are Learning Digital Marketing Then How Can We Make Money After That If You Will Get All These Things To Know In This Post Today, And All You People Stay With This Message.

What is digital marketing? Where to learn free digital marketing course

So Here You Will See Two Words Digital + Marketing Names, So Digital Name Means You Will All Be Able To Know, Like A Mobile Or Computer Laptop, etc. So All These Internet Devices Are All Digital Devices.

And if you all know the meaning of marketing, this is what digital marketing is all about. If I Want to Be Clear, It Means You Can Grow Your Business By Promoting Your Business Online And At The Same Time You Can Grow Your Company. Or You Can Take Your Business To The World. For example, You Can See All These E-Commerce Companies Like Amazon, Flipkart And There Are Many Similar Companies That Have Made Their Company Advanced Using Digital Marketing.

Once You Have Finished Your Digital Marketing Course, You Will Have To Take The Test, Which Will Be Online Only, And You Will Receive It Certificate After Exercising.

Types of Digital Marketing:-

So Now All You Need To Know What It Means Digital. Now Let Us Let You Know That There Are So Many Types In This, I Will Tell You Different Now, After Knowing That You Will Get More Profits If You Want To Learn The Course Of Digital Marketing, What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Graphics Designing & Video Editing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. E-Mail Marketing
  8. Apps Development

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So Now All You Need To Know What It Means Digital. Now Let Us Let You Know That There Are So Many Types In This, I Will Tell You Different Now, After Knowing That You Will Get More Profits If You Want To Learn The Course Of Digital Marketing, What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

If You All Know About Social Media And You All Will Use It, Then How Does This Social Media Get In?

Whenever You Use Your Facebook Page, There Are A Lot Of Tips. They Are Showed Or Many People Build Their Pages And Post Them There Regularly, Anyone Who Want To Buy A Product Of Their Product And If You Like It, Then Click On It And See If If You Like It, Then Take That Product And In Your Home.

But It Is Done In Two Ways, One Is Free And The Other Is Paid, You Have To Spend One Free Money, You Can Make A Page On Instagram And Post It On Facebook.

Alternatively, You Can Customize Your Post Or Product To Reach More People With Your Facebook Page, As More People Will Know About Your Product.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing This Means You Are Writing Someone Else Content. If Your Writing Ability Is Very Good, Then You Can Write A User-Level Post And If You Want, You Can Post It On Your Website Or You Can Write The Same Post To Someone Else.

Just As There Are Great Big Websites Where A Lot Of Content Is Published Every Day, Now A Single Person Can’t Sit Down And Make That Content, Many People Hire Content Writers And Write Content From Them. If You Post On Your Website And Not 1 Day From Them, That’s Why Several Content Is Available Published On Their Site Right Now, Then You Can Read It If Your Writing Skills Is Very Good.

What does Search Engine Marketing mean?

Search Engine Marketing This Means That When You Search for a Keyword on Google, There Are a Lot of Timers. Get to See Because Google Ads Do It, Like When I Search Internet Shopping, Then Find More Search Results Top. It Will Be Displayed So That More and More Visitors With Their Keywords Reach Their Website Through Their Ad, Which Is Search Engine Optimization.

Graphics Designing & Video Editing

If You Are A Good Graphics Designer Or You Are Doing The Best Video Editing, Then You Can Do It.

Many Websites Use It To Hire People Who Do Excellent Graphics Design. When They Promote Their Web Site, They Find Beautiful Design Drawings There For More And More

They Can Access People And Therefore They Can Access That Website, So They Need A Graphics Designer.

And Nowadays Video Advertising Has Been Established Since Then, So If You Know The Best Video Editing, Then You Can Edit And Organize Their Video Suite To Upload And Attract Visitors To Their Page And That Is Why Many Their Product Names Reach People.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Can Also Make Good Money, Use It In A Way That If You Have A Friend Who Wants To Buy Something Online, Then You Can Share The Linked Link To This Product You Can Only Do On That Website If A Social Networking Is Available, Then If Your Friend Orders This Product From Your Link, Then- Then More Commissions Are Added To Your Account, You Can Withdraw All Money After A Period Of Time.

What Is E-Mail Marketing?

If You Put A Newsletter On Your Website, You Can Give It To Any Subscribers To You Or Anyone Who Subscribe To Your Newsletter By Their Email Id, If You Want To Give Any Update, Like You Will Go To Any Kind Of New Post Post To Your Website Or Post Something New, You Don’t Get Much Access, Then You Can Email The Subscribers To Their Email Id To Get To Your Post.

What Is Apps Development?

So Since You All Know How All People Will Take Their Business Online, There Are Many People Who Have Created Their Own Websites, Then Managed Their Business Or From Where Promotions Are Our Businesses.

If Everybody Wants To Apply Again, Then You Can Make Their Application So That The User Can Use The Application Well And Those Who Want To Promote A Business Can Also Promote Their Business By Applying.

These Were Not All Forms Of Digital Marketing. You Can Do Digital Marketing Work By Learning Some Of These, Or You Can Do Your Own Digital Marketing Or Get It From Clients.

How To Learn Digital Marketing?

Learning Digital Marketing, You Have Two Choices, Whether You Are Studying Online Or Reading Offline, Now Here Offline Means You Can Study In The Center For Digital Marketing Teaching. Huh.

And Those Who Want To Learn Online Can Also Learn In Two Ways – The Free Way Is A Paid Way, So In Today’s Post, You Will All Know About The Free Way How To Read The Free Digital Marketing Course?

You Have Two Options If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing In Hindi Or English, Then It Depends On You Which Language You Want To Learn.

1. Google Digital Unlocked

This Is A Program Developed By Google And The Government Of India, By Which Anyone Can Do The Digital Marketing Course From Here For Free. And If You Complete This Course, And Get A Google Certificate And It Will Be Useful For You Over Time.

So Now We Don’t Know How To Complete The Course And How To Get A Certificate From This Google Program.

How Can You Do A Course Google Digital Unlocked?

So To Get Started With The Google Digital Website Opened, You Can Go To Google Search Again Or You Can Click Again In This Link.


Free Digital Marketing Course

After That Afterwards You Must Sign In With Your Gmail Id. If You Already Have A G-mail Id, You Can Click The Sign In Button As The Image Below, Alternatively You Can Click On Register.

Now After This, You Will Have To Give This Permission To Be Able To Create An Account, So You Have To Give All The Permission, Take A Little Time But A New Page Will Open On Itself.

So Here’s What I’m Going To Talk About The Basics Of Digital Marketing Process, This Now You Get 26 Modules, After Building It, Asked Some Questions You Can Complete Gradually.

And We Are Not Going To Finish The Digital Marketing Course In One Day, It Certainly Takes Some Time.

Free Digital Marketing Course

Within 26 Modules, You Will Find Different Lessons You Will Have To Complete. There Is A Video To Read, You Will Understand When You See Them And After Watching The Video, After That You Will Be Asked More Questions, If You Give The Right Answer, You Will Go To The Next Lesson.

How To Get Google Digital Unlocked Course Certificate?

When You Complete The Basics Of Digital Marketing And If You Only Get The Results You Will Receive This Certificate, You Will Not See All The Videos And Think That I Have This Certificate Now Is Impossible If Found.

2. Facebook Digital Training Hub

So As I Said That Digital Marketing Can Be Taught From Facebook Also, Now People With Some Problems In English, This Facebook Program Is Very Helpful Because Here You Have All The Information Available In Hindi And This, If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing From Facebook, But In English , They Can Also. Facebook Digital Training Hub

Learn Digital Marketing To Facebook

So Here You Will Be Taught How To Grow Your Small Business, So To Learn All These Things, You Must Join This Program First.

Here You Will Be Given Some Lessons, After Reading, You Will Be Asked More Questions, After Answering The Right Question, You Will Move On To The Next Lesson, In This Way You Can Teach Digital Marketing From Here.

Learn Digital Marketing To Facebook

Before You Read It, You Must Sign In, Because Any Lesson You Have Finished, You Will Keep Keeping It And If You Read It A Second Time, You Will Get A New Text To Read, It Is Not Like The Last.

To Sign In, If You Already Have A Facebook Account, You Can Use It Here. If You Do Not Have A Facebook Account, You Can Also Use Your Mobile Number Or Email.

Learn Digital Marketing To Facebook

This Way, This Facebook Program Will Work, You Will Have To Click A Button To Get Started And Know That Digital Marketing Is Here Right.

Here I Have Given You All The Information Related To This About Free Digital Marketing Course In This Period, So If You Also Want To Learn About Digital Marketing, Then Follow All These Things, You Will Certainly Learn.

I Hope You Like My Post, If You All Like This Post, Then Share This Post With All Your Friends And Let Those People Also Know That There Is A Free Digital Marketing Course.

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