How To Put Ad Code Together In All Posts Of Blogger?
How To Put Ad Code Together In All Posts Of Blogger?

How To Put Ad Code Together In All Posts Of Blogger?

Mostly Blogger’s Main Source Of Earning Is Google Adsense And If Your Blog Is Not Earning More Than Earning, Then It Can Be The Reason.

Your Keyword Placement Is Such A Thing That Due To Which There Will Be A Lot Of Traffic Coming To Your Blog, But Still You Advt Of Google Adsense. You Cannot Earn As Good By Planting.

So Let’s Know How To Do Keyword Placement On Your Blog Properly And I Am Going To Tell You These Things For The Website Made On Blogger.

If Your Website Is On Blogger Then You Must Read This Post Completely.

How to put Ad Code together in all posts of Blogger?

Some Bloggers At The Beginning Of Blogging Do Not Have The Money To Take Hosting And Create Their Blog On WordPress. 

Creating A Blog On Blogger Is Not A Useless Thing, All The Big Bloggers Will Have Done Their First Blog With Blogger. 

If We Have To Put Google Adsense’s Ad Code In Our Blog Post That Is On Blogger, Then Everyone Has A Way,

That When We Have Written Our Post In Full, After That We Start That Post In HTML Mode And We Will Get Advt. Paste The Ad Code Of Google Adsense On The Website.

When We Make Our Google Adsense Approve , Then At That Time We Have To Write Some 15-20 Posts, After That We Have Google Adsense Approve.

In Such A Situation, If We Put Ad Code One By One In All Our Posts, Then It Will Take A Lot Of Our Time.

For Those Who Know How To Post Ad Code In All The Posts At Once, It Becomes Very Easy For Them.

Now Some People Give The Script To Do This Work, Put It In The Template Of The Blog And In This Way The Loading-Speed Of The Website Becomes A Bit Slow. 

Which Should Not Happen At All, If Our Website Is Not Opening In 3-5 Seconds, Then It Has To Be Optimized. 

And If Someone Says That You Should Put This Script In Your Blog, You Should Not Do It, This Will Make The Website Very Slow. Use Script Only If Needed.

Let Us Know That Ad Code Or Advt At The Bottom Of The Title And Post Of Your Blog. How To Apply

Note: –  I Have Told You These Steps According To The Update Of The New Blogger. So You Must Keep This In Mind.

  • We Have To First Log-In To Our Blogger Dashboard. 
  • After That We Have To Click On Theme.
How To Put Ad Code Settings
  • Then Click On The Above 3 Dots Icon And Click On Edit HTML.
How To Put Ad Code Settings
  • Then You Have To Press Ctrl + F On Your Keyboard, After Which A Search Box Will Appear.
  • In That Search Box, We Have  To Press The Enter Button By Typing <Data: Post.Body /> .
How To Put Ad Code Settings
  • After That When We Get This Code Written, All We Have To Do Is Paste Our Google Adsense Ad Code Both Above And Below It.
How To Put Ad Code Settings
  • And Then Click On Save Theme.
How To Put Ad Code Settings

Once You Have Done This, You Will See All Of Your People Once, One Advt In All The Posts Of Your Blog. The Title Of The Post Will Come Down And Another Advt. Will Come To The Bottom Of The Post.

Ad Code You Have To Apply 2 Ways, You Will Use The Same Ad Unit To Place Ad In Two Places In A Post. Create Separate Ad Unit For Both The Ad.

Advantages of Ad Code in Blogger’s Theme

In Blogger’s Post, We Have 2 Methods, The First One Is In Which We Manually Put Ad Unit In Each Post Wherever It Is Needed. 

And The Second Way Is Very Easy, With The Help Of This, We Can Put Ad-Unit In All Our Posts Simultaneously. 

Suppose CTR Is Suddenly High In Our Google Adsense Account, Then We Have Only One Way.

That We Should Remove All Ad Code Or Ad Unit From Our Blog. 

If We Have Manually Ad Code In Our Post, Then It Will Take A Lot Of Time To Remove Ad Code From All Posts.

But Those People Who Have Their Own Theme Also Have Ad Code. They Will Have To Remove Ad Code From Their Theme Only,

After That The Ad Code Will Be Removed Simultaneously From All Posts.

So I Hope You Guys Will Get This Information. You Can Share This Post With Your Friends.

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